How big of a DORK are you?

There are many dorks, but few Dork masters. Dork are after all quite dorky. What is a dork? A dork is someone who isn't the brightest person on the boat but is still amazing.

Are YOU a dork? Do you have what it needs to be the master dork! Well thanks for taking my awesome quiz and you will find out what you are soon :) YAY

Created by: Trini

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you go to your classes in school what is your 1st hour
  2. How many people are your friends??
  3. If your in band what instrument do you play?
  4. Who is a famous person who made something in history
  5. Whooooo Half way there are you ready to continue
  6. What is the best thing to be on Halloween?
  7. How many questions have there been so far.
  8. Where do you eat at lunch?
  9. What did one wall say to the other!
  10. Last question! Is this the last question!
  11. This is the last question! What color am i thinking of! Hint: It rhymes with mlack....

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Quiz topic: How big of a DORK am I?