How much of a true dork are you?

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Some don't like admitting they have a dorky side, a side of them that likes quirky, cliche fangirl things, like anime or romance. Some, though, are willing to accept this, often too much...

Are you a dork? Well, there's one way to find that out you know! It's time to take this quiz and see if you are a TRUE dork! The answer might not be what you expect...

Created by: SnowFox

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  1. Welcome! Feel free to make yourself at home!
  2. Okay, here's an easy question. When you see your crush, you:
  3. Which might be a guilty pleasure of yours
  4. Do you ever fangirl?
  5. Which face is most you?
  6. Do you like anime?
  7. Do you write fanfic or in depth stories about your favorite show(s)?
  8. Are you clumsy, awkward or socially challenged?
  9. Do you attend comicon?
  10. Do you keep a diary?
  11. Finally, your opinion on romance?

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Quiz topic: How much of a true dork am I?