The Famous Dork Quiz

Hi there. You may have seen geek code. But this isn't it. Geeks are their own special brand of weird, as are nerds. Dorks are a whole other breed. Perhaps you've been called a geek, but in your mind you said "No! I have a life! I can't be a geek!" You're quite right. But you can be a dork. There's nothing wrong with it...We all have our moments. But then some of us live that life to the fullest. Not usually on purpose.

That's actually the hallmark of dorkiness. No one tries to be a dork, it just kind of happens that way. Ever find yourself saying "I didn't mean for that to happen...It just kind of went wrong all by itself!"? Do you feel that way so often that you sometimes thing you should have that tattooed on your forehead? Take this quiz to figure out your Dork Quotient...

Created by: sarahfsk

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  1. Are you slow at getting jokes?
  2. When you get them, do you laugh strangely?
  3. Have you ever tripped over a smooth sidewalk?
  4. ...While you were making eye contact with someone attractive?
  5. What do your friends think of you?
  6. Does your clothing match right now?
  7. Do you go out on Friday and Saturday nights?
  8. Can you do dialogue along with the Holy Grail?
  9. Who do you most identify with?
  10. How do you react if someone refers to you as "strange"?
  11. Do you have a web page (or blog)?
  12. How do you react when you meet somebody's kids?

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