Are you socially awkward? (Accurate results)

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Are you socially awkward??? Do you know that?? Well, if the answer is no.. then why are you waiting take the quiz... it's just a yes or no quiz and won't take much time so go for it.. But remember not to take the results seriously. Its just a random quiz.

After taking the quiz.. don't forget to like and comment so that I would get a hint how I made this quiz.. Good bad or excellent.. so get started :)

Created by: Marshmallow doll
  1. Do you can have the best conversations with one person at a time, but groups make you shiver?
  2. Do you try to get over the fear by making inappropriate remarks or cracking lame jokes.
  3. Do you know more about the subject of discussion than most people talking, but the words don't just articulate themselves on your tongue?
  4. Do you sometimes pretend to be on fake phone calls or even create emergencies, to get out of the place?
  5. Your idea of a good time is two or three people you love, a bottle of wine and some pizza. Party freaks freak you out?
  6. You would rather stay indoors on New Year's Eve than tag along to an unknown party, like half the world?
  7. You can't fake a good smile. Every time you get awkward and fake a smile, it looks like you're constipated?
  8. Your antics make people laugh and most times you're clueless why?
  9. You are not a hug person. When someone comes to hug you, you resort to an awkward handshake instead?
  10. You hate it, when you're asked to pose with random people for photographs at social events and you can't hide your discomfort? It comes out glaringly on your face?

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Quiz topic: Am I socially awkward? (Accurate results)