How Socially Awkward Are You?

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Have you ever had an uncomfortable conversation with someone and wondered, "Am I socially awkward?" Do you constantly wonder why you keep putting your foot in your mouth?

Maybe it's you that's the problem, maybe it's them. Find out now! My (completely inexperienced) opinion will tell you exactly how socially awkward you are. Good luck!

Created by: Fallout3
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  1. How often do you talk to strangers?
  2. When you talk to people, how do they usually act?
  3. How many good friends do you have?
  4. Do you generally get along with people?
  5. When you talk to a stranger, do you talk to them first or do they have to approach you?
  6. Do people (of your knowledge) think that you're weird?
  7. When you talk to people, you...
  8. Do you feel uncomfortable when in conversations?
  9. Are you shy?
  10. How loudly do you talk?

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Quiz topic: How Socially Awkward am I?