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  • I got 88% Asocial
    Asocial 88%

    An asocial person has a general disinterest for other people and social interactions. They work best alone and enjoy doing activities that involve little to no human contact. This is not based off of a hatred for society, but simply for a lack of interest in socialization. An asocial person may have one or two friends, though never have any interest in hanging out or doing anything that doesn't involve chatting online with them. Although this is fairly common, make sure you do get to gain some social skills. Socializing can be mandatory for some jobs.

    Also got 57% Antisocial

    Not really surprised by this result since I generally prefer to be alone. As for getting the second biggest percentage in the Antisocial category, I do have some of the characteristics described in that dislike most human beings. But I'm not really interested in manipulating them. And why would I want to "use" other people for my own ends? I don't really have any use for them!

    Trisha Walsh
  • It says Im 88 % asocial and Ive known that for a few years now. I like to stay to myself, not in the talking mood with anyone on most day not even my boyfriend, he seems annoying tbh.. Sometimes When my parents called I dont even wanna answer the phone but then Ill feel guilty because they only want to check up on me to make sure Im okay.. I have one friend whenever she wanna hangout and Im not feeling it (most of the times) Id lie and make up some excuses to cancel the plan.. Idk i guess Im weird..

  • our Result: Anti Social 38%

    An anti-social person is known for their lack of remorse or feeling for other human beings, and a general dislike / hatred for social interactions. An anti-social person may have some friends, but see them more for how useful they are rather than a connection. They also may participate in risky and dangerous behaviour, and the manipulation of others. In short - an anti social person dislikes society. socializing, and other human beings.

  • 81% anti social... Lol so true

  • so i got anti social... its wrong i dont have anything like that... im a normal kid

    kylie caples
  • this is sooooo true! i got akwardly social funny

  • I try 2 b social nd m doin gr8. Its jz dt smtymz m moody or off practice! Or they bore me a lotz!!!

  • socially ackward lol 66%


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