How well do you know me.

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Hello everyone. This is to see how well you know me. I'm super bored so yea. Have fun with the quiz. Ok I dont want to type 150 letters or something. Ok bye

Ok. Just answer questions and see how well you know me. I kinda open up about me to some people so yea. Have fun! Comment and rate plz ok. Bye. Bye Bye

Created by: Taylor51

  1. Hey guys.
  2. Ok am I a boy or girl
  3. What is my age
  4. What do some people call me
  5. Do I look like my mom or dad
  6. Where am I from
  7. What is my favorite emoji
  8. What color are my eyes
  9. What color is my hair
  10. What type of hair do I have
  11. Am I smart

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me.