The Nicki Minaj Ultimate Quiz ||

From Pink Hair to Blue hair to Blonde Wigs to Curly hair, Do You Love Nicki Minaj? Do You Think You know your Home Girl Onika, Well Take The Nicki Minaj Ultimate Quiz.

This is No "˜Just For Fun Quiz' This Quiz Will Show you up to the Top! Do You Think You Know Onika, You'll Find out in a Few Minutes. I Hope You Will Enjoy the Ultimate Quiz.

Created by: NICKIMINAJ982
  1. What Instrument did Nicki Play in Middle School?
  2. What two Instruments is Nicki Currently Doing? Vocals and...
  3. What High School Did Nicki Go to?
  4. What is Nicki's Birth Name?
  5. Nicki Was Born December 8 on What Year?
  6. What is Nicki's Current Age(in the year 2013)?
  7. What Happened On the Day of her Audition for Singing at the Performing Arts High School?
  8. Who Discovered Nicki Minaj in 2007 or 2008 on the DVD Series of "˜The Come Up'?
  9. (So Easy!)Nicki Minaj and 3 other people Are Judges on the 12th Season of American Idol, Who are they?
  10. When Did Nicki Sign To Young Money Entertainment?
  11. What Two Albums Topped the U. S. Billboard 200 Charts at #1 and Sold 1,000,000 Copies and Was Certified Platinum?
  12. What Label is Nicki Not Currently Signed to?
  13. What Is Nicki Minaj's Website Called?
  14. What is Nicki Minaj's Username On Twitter?
  15. Including the Deluxe Edition, How Many Songs are On Pink Friday?
  16. Including The Deluxe Edition, How Many Songs are On Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded?
  17. (So F***ing Easy!)What is Nicki's Favorite Color?
  18. At Approximately What Time Did The Video for "High School" ft. Lil Wayne Premier For The[USA] On MTV?
  19. At Approximately What Time Did Nicki Minaj's "High School"(ft. Lil Wayne)Video Premier in the [UK]?
  20. At Approximately What Time Did The High School Video Premier in [EUR](Europe)?
  21. At What Time Did The High School Video Premier For [AUS](Australia) and [NZ](New Zealand)?
  22. What Was the Documentary that is an Hour long Called that Aired On MTV in 2010?
  23. What Month Did the Documentary Air On MTV in 2010?
  24. What Was the Reality Show that had |||(3) parts(Each 30 minutes long)that Aired On E! In November 2012 Called?
  25. What Was Nicki's Demo CD Callled?
  26. True(T) or False(F)? Nicki Was Never On the Front of Cosmopolitan Magazine.
  27. True(T) or False(F)? Nicki Was On the Cover of Hip Hip Weekly Magazine before.
  28. True(T) or False(F)? Did Nicki Ever Say this Quote,"I Feel Naked"(Because She Didn't Wear any Make-up On Elle Magazine)?
  29. What is Nicki's Favorite Show?
  30. Where Was Nicki Born?
  31. Where Was Nicki's "Pound The Alarm" Video Shot?
  32. Was her Father On Drugs?
  33. What is Nicki's Tours in Order?
  34. What is her Brother's Name?
  35. What is her Height?
  36. Who Did Nicki Live With Until her Parents Picked her Up So She Could Moved to New York at 5yrs. Old?
  37. Where Did Nicki Live at Five?
  38. Did Nicki Think her New House Wouldn't be a Castle at a Palace At Age 5?
  39. When Nicki Stepped Off the Plane, She Saw Snow. She Had Saw Snow Before. Is this True?
  40. Who Directed the "Did It On "˜Em" Video?
  41. Where Was the "Starships" Video Shot at? A Beach in ?¿ and In...
  42. What Two Songs that Nicki Minaj Featured On(and Was her Own Song)Was On Just Dance 4?
  43. Nicki's House is In Los Angeles, CA?
  44. Finish the Lyrics to "Warning(2007)"by Nicki Minaj: Who the hell is this Calling Me At 12:47 in the Night While I'm Watching...
  45. What Song is this: "W-W-World Tours I-I-It's Mine.10 Little Letters On a big Sign.
  46. Does Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have a "Feud"?
  47. Did Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Make-up By Watching Nicki's Fake Sextape?
  48. What Are You taking this Quiz On?

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