How well do you know Marianas Trench?

You think you are a hardcore Marianas Trench fan, but are you absolutely sure? I mean there is a lot of things you could know about them! Take this quiz and find out just how much you know!

Do you LOVE the album 'Fix Me?' Do you constantly post Myspace bulletins about Marianas Trench? Are you constantly emailing, voting for, and telling people about Marianas Trench? Then this quiz is for you!

Created by: Loveica Mackenzie of Loveicas Myspace
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  1. What song of the Beach Boys did Marianas Trench cover?
  2. Which band member can eat an entire box of Vector in one sitting?
  3. Which band member has a myspace featuring songs of him singing in the past?
  4. How Many band members do not want kids?
  5. What is Marianas Trench's nightly routine?
  6. In a video, found on Youtube, what is Josh screaming in subway?
  7. How many videos does MT have out and what are their names?
  8. How many shows approxamently has Marianas Trench played?
  9. What is Ian's nickname?
  10. What record label are Marianas Trench signed to?
  11. What band member enjoys autobots and decepticons?
  12. What color is Ian wearing in the Decided to Break It video?
  13. What is Mike's Middle name?
  14. What is Ian's Middle name?
  15. What is Matt's middle name?
  16. What is Josh's middle name?
  17. How many albums do they have out?
  18. What piercing does Josh have?
  19. What does Mike's tattoo say?
  20. What is a good way to help promote Marianas Trench?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Marianas Trench?