How Well Do You Know Marianas Tench?

Marianas Trench is a rock band. They have some incredible music, I am quite a big fan myself. They came out with a new album this year(2011) called Forever after. Quit interesting.

How much do YOU know of Marianas Trench. Are you awesome enough to try out this quiz of wonder? *pets cat* You tell me if you are. You could be very noligable about Marianas Trench or know very little. Once again, you tell me.

Created by: sKullkittehs
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  1. How old is the lead singer? (This is in 2011)
  2. What is the lead singers name?
  3. What song and music video made then popular?
  4. (no effect) Just wondering... What is your favorite album?
  5. What personality is the lead singer
  6. (no effect) What most describes how you would react if Marianas Trench came to your town.
  7. Is the whole band the same personality as the singer.
  8. Does the lead singer have a girlfriend (2011)
  9. When was the lead singer born
  10. What's the next part to: Sorry but I tried it was never mine. (from Shake Tramp)
  11. Name what song this is from: Did I let you down? To get that sound? And break my knees to get your please!
  12. What color is the drum player's eyes?
  13. How would you react if one the the people from Marianas Trench died?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Marianas Tench?