Which Beatles song are you?

The ideals of peace and love have shaped generations, and no one has advocated these virtues more than the Beatles. The Beatles are credited with being the most influential rock band in history, and John Lennon even boasted, "bigger than Jesus."

Which Beatles song describes your life? Peace, love, and happiness aren't the only recurring themes in the Beatles' work. Take this quiz to find out which song best describes you.

Created by: Tara
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  1. What's your favorite game to play in your free time?
  2. If you found a hundred dollar bill, what would you do with it?
  3. Which of the following describes an average day in your life?
  4. If someone physically attacked you, you would-
  5. Of these places, where do you prefer to be?
  6. Where's your ideal vacation spot?
  7. What's your preferred means of communication with the outside world?
  8. It's your mother's birthday. What do you give her?
  9. You've locked your keys in your car. What's your first reaction?
  10. How important is school and education to you?

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Quiz topic: Which Beatles song am I?