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  • Which Beatles song are you?
    Your Result: Yellow Submarine

    You are very child-like and playful, maybe even too much sometimes. The world of make-believe and fantasy is your favorite place to visit. You live life without excess, and you appreciate the simple things.

    YASSS! My fave song !!!!!

    Party_Panda6621 Apr 22 '16, 10:35AM
  • I got Twist And Shout! Although you should've put Don't Let Me Down in it, too.

    Olive Girl Apr 9 '15, 1:50AM
  • Never heard of The Space Between, but Here Comes The Sun is AWESOME!!!!!!

    He re comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say , it's alright........

    JohnLennonFan Feb 21 '14, 6:04PM
  • "here come's the sun" awesome.. that does fit me in away
    awesome quiz i love it

    skatterbrain May 24 '12, 4:27AM
  • swimminchick i LOVE being for the benifit of Mr. Kite

    johnlennon May 5 '12, 9:51AM
  • Yeah! All You Need Is Love is one of my favorites, which is saying a lot.

    tazemaster Dec 19 '11, 3:21PM
  • I'M DEFINITELY CHILDISH AND PLAYFUL!!! i am mature actually I'm just really really hyper sometimes

    art and music Dec 8 '11, 8:03PM
  • i got the space between i miss the beatles

    trueprincess Sep 8 '11, 1:30PM
  • I got yellow submarine! I was hoping to get all u need is luv, tho.

    Yellasplitzer287 Aug 22 '11, 2:52PM
  • The Space Between. Why didn't you put "Imagine"? That's the best song in the world... but I guess that's only John Lennon. Good quiz anyways!

    lucindamae Jul 6 '11, 9:42PM
  • TWIST N SHOUT YALL!!! AWW... YEAH... Twist and Shout
    Copying other people doesn't bother you, especially when you know you can be better than the original. Life is fun for you, and seriousness is unwelcome. You're life is filled with rambunctious friends and risky behavior.

    ninjaxtxrex Apr 4 '11, 9:10PM
  • I'm twist and shout baby!!

    Rlover Feb 21 '11, 10:34PM
  • I'm twist and shout baby!!

    Rlover Feb 21 '11, 10:30PM
  • I agree with the results, cool!

    dooins Dec 28 '10, 4:28PM
  • I agree with the results, cool!

    dooins Dec 28 '10, 4:27PM
  • YES!!! i got yellow submarine! that is my second favorite song first is i am the walrus=D and i agree with evelyn waters and have any of u watched the movie help! by the beatles? i have and its hilarious! i love it! lol

    Beatle lover Dec 26 '10, 9:45PM
  • hey,now i got yellow submarine

    OZZYIOMMI Dec 20 '10, 5:10PM
  • Yepp I'm totally a "Twist and Shout" person! hahaha

    InsanMexa2 Dec 12 '10, 12:27PM
  • dumdum, twist and shout is 2 a beatles sond!!

    Evelyn Waters Nov 30 '10, 6:23PM
  • mr.kite idca that meaans i dont care anymore

    OZZYIOMMI Nov 24 '10, 5:17PM
  • I love the Beatles I got hey jude twist and shout was not a beatles song they performed it as a COVER stupid

    Rocker24 Apr 14 '10, 8:41PM
  • Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite! :D

    For the benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight on trampoline...

    Ganbatte123 Mar 12 '10, 10:21AM

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