how well do you know Legend by Marie Lu?

Legend By Marie Lu is the first book in a trilogy. This quiz is to see how much of the first book you know. Good luck! I don't know what else to say.

How much do you think you know of the first book? here's the way to find out have fun. (150 letters and these things ;) still typing and typing and typing

Created by: Dr whovian
  1. Book 1 question: How does June's brother die?
  2. Why did Day break into the hospital?
  3. What are the trials?
  4. Book 1 Who is the only person in Day's family that knows he's alive
  5. Book 1: what does June get in trouble for doing in the beginning of the book
  6. Book 1: What is the name of June's brother?
  7. Book 1: how do June and Day meet
  8. Book 1 and 2: what is the name of the girl who is a bar tender in the first book but is also a patriot.
  9. Book 1: Who does June work for
  10. Book 1: Who is June's commander
  11. Book 1; who helps June help Day escape the republic
  12. Book 1; who shoots Day's mother?
  13. what is Day's full name?
  14. What is Junes last name?
  15. What is the name of the Elector Primo's son?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Legend by Marie Lu?