How well do you know Knox academy of making? For Knox kids.

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Ok 👌 Knox kids! It’s time to test your knowledge on Knox academy! You can also get a king size candy bar for getting all the answers correct! It’s so fun and I hope you like it cause I spent a LOT of time working on this! ♥

Also come and check out my YouTube channel if you want!It’s pretty cool! It has lots of cool videos! It has Minecraft videos and drawing videos! Also if you don’t come to Knox then well....... COME TO KNOX ITS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Created by: Johny cipher of My YouTube channel!
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  1. First let’s start with the basics, who is the runner of the school?
  2. Ok now, what year did the school start?
  3. Who is Knox’s name based off of?
  4. What park do we go to for recess?
  5. Who thought of the name of Knox?HARD BEWARE
  6. What age do you technically haft to be to be in schollar?
  7. Who is Henry Knox?
  8. Who are the teachers of Knox?
  9. What is the technical age limit for prescholars?
  10. How do you spell the end of counter show time?
  11. Answer this truthful, on a scale of one to ten, how well do you like Knox?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Knox academy of making? For Knox kids.