How well do you know Jacy and Kacy?

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Jacy and Kacy, on YouTube, are pretty awesome IMHO. As of December 2016, they have about 900,000 subs. They have done challenges, MTWI, and other stuff.

How well do YOU know Jacy and Kacy? You may not know them personally, but that is fine. Good luck! If you get 0%, still you did amazing! Let's do this!

Created by: Hannah
  1. Are they twins?
  2. Does Jacy have braces?
  3. Does Kacy have braces?
  4. What Youtube challenge did they not do?
  5. Who owns Craft Life?
  6. As of December 2016, how many subs do they have?
  7. What will/did they do at 1,00,000 subs?
  8. What did Kacy NOT get on her pizza in the Pizza Challenge?
  9. What did Jacy NOT get on her pizza in the Pizza Challenge?
  10. Who did a Minute To Win It on their Birthday?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jacy and Kacy?