Are you an Awesomeness Overload Fan?

Awesomeness Overload is a YouTube channel that is pretty unpopular, or at least at August 29, 2018. Still, they do pretty cool stuff, so go check them out!

Anyways, this is a quiz to see if you already know who they are. As long as you don’t say they suck, you should do pretty good on this quiz! Good luck!

Created by: Hdjdkjhhd
  1. Are they cringy?
  2. In their Q&A video, what do they say they are in the beginning?
  3. Who is their worst enemy?
  4. What color is Steele’s butt?
  5. What color is Lucas’s hair?
  6. Do you want a shout out in their videos?
  7. What is Lucas’ pet?
  8. Are you a subscriber?
  9. Is your name Michael, by any chance?
  10. I’ll get back on track. How many marshmallows could Lucas fit in his mouth in PUKE CENTRAL?
  11. Which asdfmovie thing is featured in almost every video?
  12. What do they do most?
  13. Who was the ninja in the video where we met the team of AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD?
  14. What was Steele’s worst joke in COMEDY ACT AND ALL OF YOU WILL LAUGH YOUR PANTS OFF
  15. How would you react to..... JOHN CENA

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Quiz topic: Am I an Awesomeness Overload Fan?