Your Wonka Experience (Female)

This is a unique quiz, and is based on a story telling organization. In this quiz, you will decide your fate during the tour through the Chocolate Factory, like a "Choose your own adventure" book. The story DOES NOT follow the actual story of the Chocolate factory, and has unique rooms that were not present in the movie. If you decide to eat in a room, you MUST SELECT that you ate in a previous room for every other question! You will get a short description of your ending when you conclude the test. What will you end on? ;)

Disclaimer: DISTURBING CONTENT MAY BE PRESENT. Things like weight gain, inflation, and other means of growth are included in this story. Disclaimer: The people on tour are all over 18.

Created by: Ambee
  1. You were getting the mail one day, when you noticed a shiny gold letter. Confused, you opened it, and your heart skipped a beat as you read the work "Wonka". You continued reading, and squealed in delight as you found out that you had been invited on a tour of the chocolate factory. On the day of the tour, you arrived precisely on time, excited for the day. You had no idea what to expect, but you were excited regardless. This was THE chocolate factory. The rest of your group shared the same excitement, but their excited murmurs halted as the tour guide, Wonka himself, stepped in front of the group. It seemed like it happened in an instant, that you all were inside. He quickly lead the group to the first room, excited to show you all the Factory. Opening huge doors, Wonka exposed the first room. The room was a wonderful landscape, bright and vibrant, and more importantly, candy. Upon seeing the room, you...
  2. After inspecting the candy room, you were lead to a room with various types of machines. It was a wonder to behold, and Wonka even had a demonstration. With the press of a button, a machine whirred, and steam shot from tubes on it. After a few seconds, a little metal rod was ejected, and the rod produced a stick of gum. Wonka explained that this gum was a whole three course meal, which was never heard of before. Upon hearing this, you...
  3. After the gum demonstration, the group is quickly hurried into another room, cold and dark. Small lights line the path, and dim lights illuminate huge vats of ice cream. Wonka tells the group that this is the finest soft serve ice cream to be created, and it goes unrivaled in flavor and texture. Captivated by this, you...
  4. After a wonderous walk through a frozen room of treats, the group is then lead to a much warmer room, filled with the scent of delicious baked goods. To no surprise, it is the bakery room, and in the middle of the room is a huge cake. In the back is a conveyor belt, moving cream puffs on it. Wonka offers everyone a slice of the huge cake, and when offered to you, you...
  5. After leaving the comfort of the warm bakery room, the group is brought to a room with a huge glass box. In it is some gummy looking thing, about the size of a person. Many questions floated towards Wonka, and he lowered his voice to answer them. This was a secret experiment, to create a sentient gummy for physically disabled consumers. Along with being completely bewildered, you...
  6. Your mind filled with wonders, you look around to see that you are the last in your group. What happened to the others? You push the thought aside and look at Wonka, who seems exceptionally happy with you for making it this far. He extends his hand, and in it, is a very colorful piece of candy. When offered to you, you...
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Quiz topic: My Wonka Experience (Female)

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