Airplane Story: The Flight of Death

Welcome to episode 1 of my adventure series. There will be more episodes. Be sure to give my episodes a smiley face! I will post emoji hint for my next episode!

The emoji hint is: 🌲🌲🌳🌳🐅 did you guess it? Well, lets find out in my good ending. Be sure to subscribe to tech with tec and follow Game Factz! See ya in the story!

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  1. Drake: We are finally going on a vacation together! I been waiting for this moment all my life! Tyler: Do we really have to bring my annoying little sis? Taylor: Of course! What do you expect? I am Zack's friend too! Right, Zack?
  2. Zack: Yeah, you're my friend too. Taylor: See? Oh! Our plane is going to take off soon. Let's go!
  3. *you aboard the plane* Zack: You know what? We are going to be the only ones on this plane! Someone gave me free tickets! Drake: Cool! This trip is going to be awesome! Where are we going again? Zack: We are going to a 5 star resort! That nice someone payed for the resort too! Captain: Hello everyone! This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard flight 7908! We are currently flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet above sea level. The weather looks goo which means we will arrive in no time to our destination! Feel free to explore the airplane! Taylor: Wow! I didn't even feel the airplane taking off! Anyways, lets explore!
  4. Zack: Let's go to first class! I bet the seats are far better then these normal seats! Tyler: I want snacks...Taylor: Can you get your snacks later? We are on our private airplane! Tyler: It is actually not our's...Taylor: Stop ruining the fun! Lets explore! *Drake calling from up ahead: Wow! Look at these seats!*
  5. Captain: Now, please sit down as we are about to cross an area of high turbulence. Drake: Let's sit in the first class seats!
  6. The plane starts rumbling as you finished buckling up. Luckily, no one got hurt. Tyler: Man that was rough. Thank god that was over. Captain: Thank you for your cooperation! Get ready as our flight attendant prepares a snack for everybody. Flight attendant: Hello everybody! I will be your flight attendant for the flight! Here are your sandwiches for lunch! Enjoy!
  7. Drake: ...I'm not feeling very well. Flight attendant: Oh no! Everyone! Don't eat your sandwiches! Drake got food poisoning! Drake: No...This sandwich has mayo. I'm allergic to mayo! Taylor: We need to find Drake's baggage for medicine. Quick! Before he throws up!
  8. Zack: I found it! Taylor: Quick! Give it to Drake! *you give it to Drake* Drake: I feel much better! Captain: Good afternoon to all passengers. I inform you that we have reached a stable altitude. It would be a good time to sit back, take a nap, and enjoy the ride.
  9. Good night passengers! Remember to stretch your legs. We still have a few hours to go. *the plane shakes and the lights flicker off!* Captain: It appears that we have lost power, hang on as we try to fix it! Taylor: Guys look, what is that on the right wing? ???: ...YOU. WILL. DIE! Taylor: Are those...are those snakes on the floor?! Tyler: Guys! There is an open restroom, quickly we will be safer there!
  10. Drake: Even the bathrooms are huge in first class! I should sit in first class more often. Taylor: That was scary, we should discuss what the heck is happening! Zack: The hissing stopped. We should probably get out of the restroom. Tyler: Looks like the coast is clear! Taylor: And the power is back on! Drake: And the snakes are gone, thank god! Zack: The creature on the wing is also gone. Creepy. Captain: Your attention passengers. I have good news and bad news. The good news is the power is back on! The bad news is that we are losing a significant amount of oxygen! Oxygen masks will drop from over your seats. Grab one quickly!
  11. Captain: These masks will keep you alive until we stabilize the oxygen levels. *The lights flicker off again and when the lights are back on, you find a bomb on you* Zack: What in the world? Get this off me!!! Drake: Let's clam down! We need to find something sharp to cut the cables so we can save Zack! LETS GO!!! Taylor: I found a pair of scissors! Which cable should I cut? Tyler: Cut the blue cable! *swipes scissors and cuts the blue cable* Taylor: We did it!
  12. Taylor: We haven't heard from the crew in a while. We should look for them and check if everything is okay. Tyler: Naw. They probably have everything under control. Zack: Let's check just in case. Drake: I found them! They are unconscious! Taylor: We need to alert the captain! Tyler: They are probably just sleeping you know? Drake: Quick! Go to the captain room! Zack: It's locked. Taylor: Something is happening inside, captain might be in trouble. Drake: The door need a code. If we can find it, we might be able to go inside!
  13. Tyler: I think we can just barge in.
  14. If you chose to barge in, the door doesn't move but Drake finds the key code and puts it in. If you choose to find they key-code, you found it and put it in. You come in the door and spots the Captain's limp body. Taylor: he dead? Drake: I don't feel his breath. He's dead. *The captain suddenly reemerges as a monster similar to the one you saw on the right wing. He starts attacking Drake. What do you do?*
  15. If you fight the captain, you get badly hurt and you back up to heal luckily the flight attendant shocks the captain with a taser. If you chose to stay back because you know you can't save Drake, the Flight Attendant shows up and tasers the captain with a taser. You guys throws the captain off the plane and the flight attendant starts piloting the plane. *the creature suddenly appears behind you* ???: YOU.WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. YOU THINK YOU ARE HERE ON ACCIDENT. BUT YOU ARE NOT. I BROUGHT YOU HERE. ALL OF YOU! Drake: That is not possible! ???: IT IS. AND NOW. IT'S TIME TO DIE!!! *The lights start flickering and the plane shakes* ???: SEE YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE! Tyler: We must get the plane to stop!
  16. Taylor: It is no use! We are still falling! Zack: We ran out of gas! Quick! Grab a parachute and let's get out of here!
  17. You landed on a jungle island. What will happen? Lets find out in Episode 2!

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