How well do you know Hayes Grier XD

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Nowadays there are many Hayes Grier fan girls but who are true fans? Who knows all the facts and details about this absolutely, fantastical, human being?!

Do YOU have the knowledge acquired to be a Hayes Grier expert? Test your knowledge here right now!! It doesn't take long so take a couple minutes out of your day to see where you're at with Hayes knowledge!

Created by: Kaseyyyyy
  1. When is Hayes' Birthday?
  2. Where was Hayes born?
  3. How many siblings (HALF AND FULL) does Hayes have?
  4. What was Hayes first YouTube video? (not including chubby bunny)
  5. Who are the shared 'owners' of the new app Cash Dash?
  6. What is Hayes' favourite sport?
  7. When did Hayes post his first vine?
  8. Is Skylynn his full sister?
  9. What are Nash's nicknames for Hayes?
  10. FINAL QUESTION: What is Hayes middle name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Hayes Grier XD