Hunter Hayes song lyrics

Hunter Hayes is a talented musician/artist. He just released 'Hunter Hayes (Encore)' in June 2013, which is a deluxe edition to his self titled album, 'Hunter Hayes'.

Do you think you know most of Hunter Hayes' songs? You'll find out in just a few minutes! In this quiz, not all of his songs are in it, only a good handful or two.

Created by: hhayes11

  1. Light Me Up - You light me up/Like the _______ flying on the _____ of July/You light me up/Like the sunshine _______ in the summertime, oh every time
  2. Storm Warning - Have you ever noticed every _______ gets its name from a _____ like this/She' a ____ five, keeps you hanging on to the edge of a _____
  3. Better Than This - Could be a _____ end _____/I could be chasing down broken ______/But I don't know, need to know/Where this thing is gonna lead/It's a ______
  4. I Want Crazy - I love that we're _____ and we still ______/We're the kind of _____ people wish they could be/I don't want _____, I want crazy/Look at us baby, tonight the _______ rules are ______
  5. Love Makes Me - Tear the ______ wrap off and put the needle down/Fill my bedroom up with a ______ song and crank it up loud/Because it makes me feel _____
  6. Rainy Season - Say that you ____ me even if it's not _____/Say that this ______ is just passing through/Baby tell me you're not _____/It's just the rainy season
  7. In A Song - Well I'm sure if I had the _____ to go _____/I'd _____ more than I should/But knowing I can't/Is helping my _____ of moving on for _____
  8. Wanted - Anyone can tell you you're _____/And you get that all the ______, I know you do, your _______ deeper than the make-up
  9. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me - And I ____ you, without you I just don't fit in/I know we're ______, but I'm ______ we could try it again
  10. More Than I Should - My heart said a _____ time ago ____ tuck your _____ and run/'Cause it ain't love when you're stuck at the _____ end of the gun

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