How Well Do You Know Hunter Hayes?

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Hunter Hayes, a very talented musician/artist. At age two, he got his first instrument. Hunter has appeared on a few TV shows as a child. When Hunter Hayes was four, he sang and played accordion with Hank Williams Jr.

Do you think you know a lot about Hunter Hayes? Are you a Hayniac? You'll find out after taking this quiz. This quiz has simple questions about Hunter.

Created by: hhayes11

  1. When was Hunter born?
  2. What is Hunter's middle name?
  3. How many instruments does he play?
  4. What was his first number one song?
  5. Where (town/state) was Hunter Hayes born?
  6. What song did Hunter write for Rascal Flatts?
  7. In 'Hunter Hayes (Encore)', who sings 'What You Gonna Do' with Hunter?
  8. What is the name of Hunter Hayes' weekly YouTube videos?
  9. Does Hunter sing all the background vocals on his albums?
  10. Is Hunter working towards getting his pilot's license?
  11. Was Hunter Hayes ever in a movie?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Hunter Hayes?