Which Hunter x Hunter character are you?

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Hunter x Hunter is a manga by Yoshihiro Togashi which began in 1998 and is still ongoing. It follows the adventures of four adventurers who, for their own various reasons, have decided to take part in the rigorous Hunter Exam in order to become the world's most respected professionals. They make plenty of friends as well as enemies along the way, and must overcome both their own internal shortcomings as well as the many hardships and heartaches that they are faced with along the way.

Take this quiz and find out which character you are! In addition to the four main characters, six additional supporting characters have been included as well.

Created by: Jessa
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  1. Which of these is closest to your hair color?
  2. Would you consider yourself a cheerful person?
  3. Which, of these, would be your weapon of choice?
  4. Which of these words best describes you?
  5. Do you like animals?
  6. What do you dislike most about yourself?
  7. Which of these activities interests you most?
  8. What's the worst thing that could happen?
  9. Which of your parents are you closer to?
  10. Why do you fight?
  11. Do you like talking to strangers?
  12. Do you talk a lot, or are you more of a listener?
  13. What subject would you consider your strong suit?
  14. What Nen type suits you best?
  15. If you are outmatched in a fight, are you more likely to stands your ground against the odds, or run away?
  16. How often do you change up the type of outfit you wear?
  17. What kind of clothes do you wear?
  18. In which of these environments would you most like to live?
  19. Do you worry about the future?
  20. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  21. Pick a color.

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Quiz topic: Which Hunter x Hunter character am I?