How well do you know Harry Potter?

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Some can achieve a living. Some can achieve greatness! But how intelligent are you of the wizarding world that surrounds you're everyday life? Take this Harry Potter themed quiz to find out!

There has to be a scoring system, right? Right indeed! There are three pass grades and three fail grades! Pass Grades - O=Outstanding E=Exceeds Expectations A=Acceptable Fail Grades - T=Troll D=Dreadful P=Poor

Created by: CraftySimmer
  1. What year was Newt Scamander born in?
  2. What day was the Battle of Hogwarts on?
  3. Which class did Harry Potter attend while Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger took their apparition tests?
  4. In an interview J.K.Rowling said Malfoy is _____________ for 'bad faith'
  5. Who did Tom Felton originally audition for?
  6. What did Rupert Grint wear to his audition?
  7. True or False? Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood got married
  8. Which Weasley went with Angelina Johnson to the Yule Ball?
  9. Which professional quidditch team did Ginny Potter/Weasley play for?
  10. Steven Spielberg resigned from directing the Harry Potter movies because he said "________________"
  11. Who had to go into the Forbidden Forest in the 1st Harry Potter book for punishment?
  12. Which enemies in Harry Potter are besties in real life?
  13. When were James and Lily Potter murdered?
  14. When was Delphini Riddle born?
  15. Who killed Helena Ravenclaw?
  16. Who thought of the motto 'For the greater good'?
  17. Who taught Delphini Riddle magic?
  18. How many kisses can a dementor perform in a lifetime?
  19. Who was James Potter(Sr)'s best friend?
  20. Was James Potter(sr) an animagus?

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