How well do you know Harry Potter

You may know who Harry, Ron, And Hermione are but do you really know Harry Potter? Some people do, Most do not. It takes alot to know about the Harry Potter world.

Do YOU know about Harry Potter? you understand about the world of it and spells? Most do not know about the teachers and characters? COME AND FIND OUT!

Created by: Adesite
  1. Who is Sirius Black?
  2. What was the golden snitch orginally
  3. What is Mr.Crouch's house elf named
  4. Who was Mad Eye Moody in the 4th book
  5. How did dumbledore die
  6. What is voldemorts real name
  7. what is harry's daughter's name
  8. who is fudge
  9. In what book did Ron almost die

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter