Harry Potter The Philosophers Stone

Harry Potter is a world wide famous book by J.K Rowling and is known like star wars is!!!!it features 3 main characters called Harry Potter, Ron weasly and Hermione Granger.

this quiz is made to see if you know harry potter or you have just read it with no meaning. If so either take interest with the feel and words or move on to the next chapter, Book 2 the chamber of secrets! so are you ready to take it on? lets get this thing on the road!!

Created by: Ella
  1. Who does Harry,Ron and Hermione suspect first when they hear about the philosophers stone?
  2. Why does Hagrid not want Harry telling Hogwarts about using his wand?
  3. When harry nearly swallowed the snitch did he brake any rules?
  4. How does harry defeat Voldemort? for now......
  5. Why do they not want Hogwarts to be seen?
  6. What is Harry's Aunt and Uncles last names?
  7. what is the authors name?
  8. where does Potter get his wizardry equipment?
  9. How does J.K Rowling describe Harry
  10. what house are you in (take a quiz:D)

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