How well do you know half life?

The half life series is a great game series devoloped by Valve. the story and attention to minute details in this game is great, and it inspired me to make this quiz.

we will see how good YOU know the half life world. are you up to the task? are you up to the challenge? if so, take this quiz, and hopefully you will get a perfect and show the world your skill.

Created by: derek

  1. In Half-Life 1, what is the main goal of the entire game?
  2. The G-man is known for what?
  3. Half life 2 takes place years after half life 1, but Gordan is still the same age. How is this possible?
  4. What has happened to the world in half life 2?
  5. After exploring the city a bit, Gordon meets up with Barney, a security guard who worked at
  6. The Combine use several military methods to drive out rebel forces. Some of these methods can backfire against the Combine.One example would be...
  7. One known survivor of Ravenholm is present during the game. His name is Grigori and his former occupation was...
  8. The name of Alyx's pet is...?
  9. The Combine keeps a close eye on it's citizens. It does this effectivley by mass producing...
  10. In order to keep Antlions at bay, the Combine devoloped what?
  11. One very contreversial character in the game dies, and his friend calls him "the greatest mind of his generation". Who is this dead and still debated character?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know half life?