Could you be a millionare?

Hmmm... I was bored so I thought, OK, maybe I'll do a quiz, I doubt it's hard unless you're a complete idiot, this is general knowledge, so don't worry, it's from different topics. That's why it's called: General knowledge.

Answer the quiz questions and then at the end, the higher your score, the more of a chance you have of winning a million pounds (I'm half British half Arab) in a reality TV show. Yeah right, I was just bored. Try my other quizzez like: What do you need most in your life? And: What does your inner fantasy world say about you? And: Are you cut out to survive being alone with a murderer? Two of those got to the top page once in a while, and maybe this one will too. Give it ten stars or I'll kill you.

Created by: Who wants to know?
  1. Let us start with an easy question: Geography. Where is Egypt?
  2. Again Easy: Grammar, which of these sentences is correct?
  3. Still easy: What two colors do you mix to get Blue?
  4. *Sigh* Still easy: What is the longest river in the world? And in which two countries does it flow?
  5. The EASIEST question in the world, when someone says the word 'Blond' what color hair do they mean?
  6. Medium: Who invented the only thing of technology that we worship and respect: The TV?!
  7. Harder: How many wheels did the first ever car have?
  8. Harder: From what domain is Escherichia coli?
  9. Harder again: Most people think that woman in the Mona Lisa painting by leonardo Da Vinci has the name 'Mona' but in fact, the word 'Mona' is actually an Italian word for:
  10. AGAIN Harder: Which of these words is another word for the meaning: 'Done secretly'?
  11. The hardest question in this quiz: The study of cells is known as:
  12. Now, you have answered all these quiz questions, your result will give you the percentage of your chance of winning the game: Who wants to be a millionare? Now, just to tick you off, at what time did I finish typing this question?

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