Who want to be a millionare?

Hello people, we all have heard of the quiz show WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONARE right? well here is one exept you are the one in the 'hot seat' There are fifteen questions on this quiz so answer them all and I have to say they are a little bit hard!

Sou get ready to answer these fifteen question, you have no life-lines so good luc, comment and rate an take it as many tomes as you like and I hop you get a C atleast, I am in south africa, I love it, I am so popular and I got a D- For my Zulu test, quite good for me!

Created by: Glitter

  1. Foxes are assosiated with which types of animals?
  2. How many continants are on earth?
  3. Which soccer team won the Soccer world cup in 2010?
  4. How many oceans are on earth?
  5. Which color means the french word for 'flea?
  6. Who was the tallest US president?
  7. Which of these sounds are most likely to be made by a snake?
  8. Nomadic people, who live in the wild are know as hunter what?
  9. Which comic book charchtor is a 'mild-manered repoter'?
  10. Which comic book charchtor is a 'mild-manered repoter'?
  11. Which two countries are famous for elephants?
  12. Which of these sounds are made by a wolf?
  13. Which of these color are a brown color?
  14. Which is the most 'violent' city in The United State Of America?
  15. What type of mythical creature lives in a lamp in the movie 'Aladdin'?

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