How well do you know Godzilla(Character)?

There are many people who say they know Godzilla. However many of them don't know much about Big G and often get facts wrong. This quiz not only will help you find out of your a true Godzilla fan but it may help you learn more about the King of Monsters!

So how much do you know about Godzilla? Well find out how much you know with the following questions. This quiz was made in 2014 so some facts may be off for other years.

Created by: MaiyaB

  1. What is his main color?
  2. Where dose Godzilla live?
  3. What is Godzilla's main attack?
  4. How many movies have Godzilla stared in?
  5. Who are Godzilla's main alleys
  6. What is Godzilla's original name?
  7. What is another name for the monsters that appear in the Godzilla films?
  8. Is Godzilla a father?
  9. Who is Godzilla's arch enemy?
  10. What year did the first Godzilla come out?
  11. What are the three eras in the Godzilla film called?
  12. What is the Kaiju that stared in the 1998 film GODZILLA?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Godzilla(Character)?