How Well Do You Know Girl Meets World

Hi! Welcome To My First Quiz! This Is A Quiz About Girl Meets World. You Will Be Answering Questions About The Characters, And We Will See If You Are A Genius Or Not.

Even If You Don't Succeed, It's Ok. Nobody's Perfect! So, Here Is The Girl Meets World Quiz, And I Hope You Enjoy! (BTW, As I Said Earlier, This Is My First Quiz, So This Might Not Be That Great.)

Created by: Person

  1. Who Plays Maya?
  2. Who's Riley's Dad?
  3. True or False: Sabrina Carpenter's Sister, Sarah Carpenter, has appeared in a few episodes.
  4. Girl Meets World Is A Sequel Of...
  5. Topanga Is A...
  6. Maya Is Good At...
  7. Farkle Has...
  8. Lucas Is..
  9. Well, That's It For This Quiz. This Is My Very First Quiz, So I Hope I Did Well. Bye!! (This Doesn't Affect Your Score)
  10. Smile!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Girl Meets World