What Girl Meets World Character Are You?

Do you like the Disney Channel TV show Girl Meets World? Have you ever wondered what character you are most like? Are you Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, or Auggie???

Which do you think you are? Until now, you can only wonder. But now, because of this quiz, you will finally find out what character you most resemble!

Created by: Hailey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
  2. What kind of person are you?
  3. What color eyes do you have?
  4. What's your hair color?
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. What do you like best about GMW?
  7. Where do you and your friends go to hang out?
  8. What's your favorite school subject?
  9. Which of these colors do you like best?
  10. Who is Sabrina Carpenter?

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Quiz topic: What Girl Meets World Character am I?