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Have you met the world yet? Show me your Girl Meets World knowledge with this 11-question quiz. Good luck or should I say : good FARKLE TIME to you !!

Don't take it too seriously like Riley did with her D in spanish. No permanent record will be affected ;) This is just a quiz made by a fanatic of the show, hope you enjoy it !

Created by: Sally Alame
  1. Maya Hart is one of the characters on the show, do you know her middle name ?
  2. Riley had her first kiss with a lovely boy, who was it ?
  3. In the first episode of the show, where were Riley & Maya when they first met lucas?
  4. In season 3, Lucas finally decided who he truly had feelings for between Riley & Maya, who did he ended up with?
  5. In the last episode of girl meets world, Topanga had to make a decision : stay in New York or go to London for a work opportunity, what was her last decision ?
  6. A person really enjoys the taste of cheese in the show, who is it?
  7. Riley Matthews, the protagonist, always draws the same purple animal in art class, could you tell me what that is ?
  8. Lucas Friar used to live outside of New York, could you tell me where ?
  9. Riley & Maya both have names related to their personalities, Maya's is MayaVille ; Do you know Riley's ?
  10. In season 3, Farkle gets close with Smakle, even though their love may be strong, who does Smakle always flirt with ?
  11. In spanish class, Riley's teacher called her by a spanish name instead of her actual one, which is it ?

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