How well do you know Frozen?

The movie Frozen was presented in 2013. If you're a Frozen fan, take this test to see how much you know. Think you can beat the quiz?? And I would really, really appreciate it if you use a good clever mind and put some effort into it, you know some of your good ol' spice and pizazz!

Remember this quiz is just to see how much you know. Well what're you waiting for? Go ahead and show me what you got!! As told before, shw effort and think posotive, believe and be a good posotive player. You rock!!!!

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  1. What are Elsa and Anna to each other?
  2. How did Anna get a grey streak in her hair?
  3. What happened to Elsa and Anna's parents?
  4. How did Elsa get her powers?
  5. Who turns out to be evil in Frozen?
  6. How many songs were sang in Frozen?
  7. How did Anna find out Elsa had powers?
  8. Who tried to kill Elsa?
  9. How does Olaf live during summer?
  10. Why did Elsa and Anna have a poor relationship?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Frozen?