The ultimate Frozen II Trivia

Ready Frozen 2 fans! This Ultimate frozen 2 trivia will reveal what type of fan you are! (Please Note: DON'T take this quiz if you like Star Wars, Marvel or Too much Actiony things.

WAIT! Have you watched Frozen 2? If not, Go watch it now and come back later! Copy and paste the link below to watch it! https:// or you can buy it on YouTube.

Created by: Emily

  1. When does Elsa hear the magical voice?
  2. What does Anna say to Grand Pabbie?
  3. What does Grand Pabbie fear?
  4. What are the spirits of the enchanted forest?
  5. What are Elsa and Anna's parent's names?
  6. Who saves the king?
  7. What is the truth about the past?
  8. Who is the 5th spirit?
  9. Why did the King and Queen go on a ship?
  10. And lastly, Who is the general after Anna becomes Queen?

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