How well do you know FROZEN

There are many good movies but to me FROZEN is the best movie! And that's what this quiz is about. So find out how well you know the movie but you have to take this quiz before you can find out.

How well do you know the movie FROZEN? well come and find out with this quiz right here. DO you know the movie well enough to be called frozenaholic? that is what you are called when you are obsessed with FROZEN!

Created by: Lauren

  1. Who is Olaf?
  2. Who tries to kill Elsa?
  3. who got struck in the heart
  4. what is Sven's favorite food
  5. where is Elsa when she sings " Let It Go"
  6. what are Anna's ages when she sings "Do You Want To Build A Snowman"
  7. finish this line, Olaf: I don't have a.......
  8. finish this line, Anna:Olaf your.... Olaf:Somethings are........ for but not .....
  9. what are Anna and Elsa
  10. how do Anna and Elsa's parents die

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FROZEN