How well do you know Frozen?

"Frozen" is a great Disney movie that most of us who've seen it loves! It's filled with magic, talking snowmen, some twists, and the great Disney effect that almost all the movies have.

But how well do you really know "Frozen?" Find this out in my quiz I created. It is sure to test your knowledge on this wonderful, magical, great movie.

Created by: Ivy

  1. What is the first song in the movie?
  2. Who is Hans?
  3. What is Olaf's favorite season?
  4. Who plays Elsa in frozen?
  5. Who plays as Anna?
  6. Who is the villan?
  7. In what two places does Anna get struck?
  8. Is Anna good at ice-skating?
  9. In the end does Anna still have that white streak in her hair?
  10. Where does the movie take place?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Frozen?