How Well Do You Know Your Frozen?

Hope you have a blast taking my awesomely fun test! Well, I'll make more under the name "Taurus" I am one hehe and don't be mad! Or frustrated! This is fun, no offense intended. Snow day tests are awesome!

Hey, all! Do you know your Frozen? Do you know your facts like you think you do? Well, here is the real test to see if you do or not and it is 100% reliable! So come on and dive in! Also remember to rate and comment for some more, please!!!

Created by: Taurus
  1. Who is older, Anna or Elsa?
  2. Who the heck is Sven?
  3. Who is Sven's owner?
  4. Who is Hans and what happened with him and Anna?
  5. Who is Olaf and what was he like?
  6. Who is Kristoff?
  7. Where did Anna and Elsa live?
  8. What happened to their (Elsa and Anna's) parents?
  9. Who has the snow powers?
  10. Bonus: How much older is the older one, what does Anna and Elsa look like and what song was their song?
  11. Who sings Do you wanna build a snowman?
  12. What happened at the beginning of the movie?
  13. What happened to Anna and what did Elsa do about it?
  14. What happened at the end of the movie?
  15. Did you like this test? (Frozen was epic btw :D)?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Frozen?