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Are you a frozen geek if you are then you should be pretty good at this quiz and if you watched frozen before you should do pretty good. Good luck! Thanks

Are you smart now's time to see you will be testing your movies skills at frozen this is a awesome quiz and please help it get into the top 40 list thanks

Created by: jacbow2

  1. How did anna stop Hans from killing elsa?
  2. What did Elsa create first?
  3. The world of frozen is most inspired by what country?
  4. How does annas father find out where to go to heal her?
  5. Who gives voice to the character of olaf?
  6. Who arrives at the coronation with two body guards and evil thoughts?
  7. Who says I like warm hugs?
  8. What color are the spires at the top of the kings castle towers?
  9. How many salad plates does elsas family own?
  10. What does kristoff say is not a thing?
  11. What does olaf say sven looks like?
  12. Before the trolls appear what does the king think they are?
  13. Why does kristoff deliver anna back to the castle?
  14. How old is Elsa when she's crowded queen?
  15. Where do Elsa and Anna's parents die?
  16. What place in line is Hans for king of the southern isles?
  17. What doesn't anna say would be served at her wedding to Hans?
  18. How does kristoff notice that anna has been healed?
  19. Who helps anna realize she and kristoff love each other?
  20. What does Hans Brothers do to him?
  21. What does kristoff call oaken to get thrown out?
  22. Where does Elsa build her ice castle?
  23. Who does Anna see first?
  24. What bizarre animal does the duke compare himself to?
  25. What does olaf do after kristoff tells him to stay out of sight?
  26. What happens the end of the credits?
  27. Which isn't part of Hans evil plan?
  28. What does kristoff call his friends who try to heal anna?
  29. What is the last line spoken in the movie?
  30. What was first spoken when Elsa reveled her power?
  31. What does pabbie the troll say is the only thing that can heal anna?
  32. What weapon does Anna use against Hans?
  33. As the movie opens we see what kind of workers?
  34. What doesn't anna want olaf to find out?
  35. What does Elsa do with her purple cape when she flees to arendelle?
  36. What did anna and Elsa smell and get excited about?
  37. What embarrassing thing did Hans do when he met anna?
  38. Who does Elsa put in the permanent snow flurry

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Quiz topic: How well do I know frozen