Which frozen guy is for you, Hans or Kristoff

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Do you trust people? Well I don't, and I feel that this movie Frozen tells you why. There are many men in the world, but only few now days that are sweet.

Who do you like better, Hans or Kristoff? Do you like normal people or Princes? Do you like someone you just met? Well, in just a few minutes you will see if Hans is for you or Kristoff.

Created by: Jasmine

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  1. Would you marry someone that hurt you?
  2. Would you like to marry a prince?
  3. How would you like to meet you guy?
  4. How would you want you guy to be?
  5. Who do you like better?
  6. Would you marry someone that only had a reindeer as a friend and pet?
  7. Would you marry someone that has a family of trolls?
  8. Where you happy when Anna met Kristoff?
  9. Where you happy when Elsa told Anna she couldn't marry Hans?
  10. Where you surprised when Hans showed he was evil?

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