How much do you know about Frozen

Frozen is a great movie. Some people are enormous fans of it, some like it halfway and some have never even heard of it or watched it. Your ability to know about great movies, like Frozen, is determined in a quiz like this.

How much do YOU know about Frozen? Just from 0%-100%, you could know how much a fan of Frozen you are! A gigantic fan, or a none fan. To know where you belong, just take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Fairylover23680

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  1. At what point did Olaf come to life?
  2. How is Marshmallow related to Olaf?
  3. Hans wanted to kill Elsa with a/an...
  4. Who does Elsa and Anna's mum resemble in the movie?
  5. How many songs did Elsa SING in?
  6. How many ducklings were in the song 'For the first time in Forever'?
  7. What is Elsa's nickname?
  8. What does the Duke of Weselton say when Elsa mistakenly shows her snow powers at the coronation?
  9. How many kinds of dresses did Anna wear in the movie? (as a grown up)
  10. What is the biggest shipping concerning Frozen?
  11. Are you enjoying this quiz so far?
  12. Where did Anna and Kristoff first meet?
  13. What did Kristoff say to Olaf when Anna tossed Olaf's head to him?
  14. What did Kristoff say to Olaf when Anna tossed Olaf's head to him?
  15. What is Olaf's most favorite thing to him? (tricky! XD though I may be wrong...)
  16. How many people went inside Elsa's castle to assassinate her?
  17. How many salad plates are in the castle of Arendelle? (tee hee)
  18. What is Elsa's new dress made of!
  19. How many viewed songs are In Frozen?
  20. What did Anna say to Elsa when she turned back to normal, after being frozen?
  21. Who was Anna's true love?
  22. What was the first thing Elsa made with her powers?
  23. What did Elsa make for Anna at the end of the movie?
  24. What is Elsa and Anna's favorite snack?
  25. The quiz is finally over!
  26. Just kidding :p
  27. How old are Elsa and Anna as grown ups?
  28. What did Olaf say at the end of the movie, when he was melting?
  29. What did Elsa's dad always tell her about her powers when she was little?
  30. Okay, NOW the quiz is over

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