how well do you know club penguin

This is a good quiz for people who love the Internet!Yeah it is!You think im joking?Im not Man/Girl! So be a internet lover lover lover and mostly rox rox rox

Yes I am this genius!I am I know everything in the world no joke!I love Intenet and quizes so I decided to make a quiz of my own,Hope you love it!I do

Created by: blanka

  1. What puffle is at the beacon at all the puffle party's?
  2. How many puffles can you buy when you are non-member?
  3. What item is hidden in each catolog?
  4. How many colours are there for your penguin?
  5. Which coloured puffle was first to be found?
  6. What colour puffle can fly?
  7. What shops are there in the town?
  8. Where can you check the club penguin time?
  9. What is the Halloween movie called?
  10. In the game Ice fishing what is the big fishes name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know club penguin