How well do you know BVB?

What is Black Veil Brides? You probably already know the answer, but I will tell you anyway. They are a american rock band with many fans. They don't do it for the mony tho, they do it for you.

Originaly Roman Catholic, now athiest, Andy Biersack is the main singer of the band and now inspires kids to be themselves and try hard not to be self concious! I hope you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Steampunk Neko

  1. OK, first question: how did they get their name?
  2. who in the band has a girl friend?
  3. what is Jinxx's full name?
  4. hmm... what is Andy's girlfriend's name?
  5. let me find another one... Oh! what was Andy's first band and when did he start it?
  6. who is the only remaining original character?
  7. I am out of questions. . .
  8. Oh! I got one! During what song, is the intro screaming?
  9. Which song is the most inspiring to most teens?
  10. OK, the end! IK, it sucked! but whatever! please comment and/or rate!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know BVB?