Are you a true BVB fan?

There are many fans of andy and the black veil brides but only some of us are TRUE FANS! Like me i know everything! Lots of u probably do also! Take this quiz to see how much u know!~raven ;)

Do u like quizes that see how big of a fan or genius u are!? well than this quiz is definitly for u! this quiz will test ur loyalty to black veil brides and there work!~raven ;)

Created by: Raven Darkness
  1. What member of BVB loves Hello Kitty?
  2. What type of facepaint did Andy6 use?
  3. Which one of the following dated/married Sammi Doll?
  4. In Andys accident in 2011, how many ribs did he break? (plz no cheating!)
  5. Finish the lyrics! U kissed the lips of evil-----
  6. what was andys first band called?
  7. whats andys PrisonB**** name?
  8. What is the second track on the wretched and divine album? (no cheating or i kill)
  9. Who loves classical music and the violin?
  10. Who can play Piano besides Jinxx?
  11. Was this quiz__________?
  12. Will u rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true BVB fan?