What Song Is It? Black Veil Brides edition

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This is a lyrics quiz. Although, you're not finding the missing lyrics, you're finding the title. Yes, every song is from Black veil brides. That means

that every stitch of these lyrics comes from them. Not everyone answer does. Some of the answers are real songs some of them not. Yes, every question contains the answer to the end. See you 'In the end!' Get it? No? Okay.

Created by: RainOnMySoul

  1. I tried to save you, but made you drink the pain....
  2. We are the in between cast down this on the world Struck to the earth like lightning on this world we're torn
  3. Living a life of misery. Always there just watching me. Haunting me. Quietly alone....
  4. Who will remember your last goodbye? Cause its the end and I'm not afraid, not afraid to die.
  5. I stood above, another war another jewel upon the crown I was the fear of man But I was blind, I couldn't see The world there right in front of me But now I can
  6. Awake at night you focus On everyone who's hurt you, Then write a list of targets, Your violent lack of virtue
  7. Wild and running for one reason They can't stop us from our freedom (Wild and running for one reason They can't stop us from our freedom)
  8. Saints born together to fight against their holy fables The streets are where we pray Hymns for the lonely, wretched and forgotten The feeling in our hearts won't ever fade away
  9. .3.
  10. U suk

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