How well do you know Black Veil Brides?

There are few people in the world these days (compared to the majority of the population) that like black veil brides. Are you one of the few or just another part of the majority?

Are you a true BVB army member or just learning? I made this quiz easy with basic things people know about black veil brides. If the quiz was easy for you then you are a true bvb army member!

Created by: midnight
  1. who are the current members (2014 if it changes)
  2. Who in the band likes Batman (he even has a batman tattoo)
  3. Who likes Hello Kitty?
  4. What did Andy go by for a while?
  5. what was their first album
  6. second album
  7. third album?
  8. fourth album?
  9. finish these lyrics: Born a saint but with every sin
  10. what song is this? we are young and we are strong through strength and self we become something more than they can be ...
  11. last question: did BVB do a song called the gunsling?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Black Veil Brides?