How well do you know BBC Sherlock?

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Enter the world off BBC Sherlock to see how much you know about the sleuth of the 21st century. **SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2** Some of the questions are fairly hard, others are easy peasy

Take the quiz, it will tell you how much you really know about the great detective Sherlock holmes and his best friend/flatmate/blogger/ (love?) John Watson and a few of the other team

Created by: Courtney
  1. What job does Sherlock Holmes have?
  2. Which country was John Watson fighting in?
  3. Who is Anderson?
  4. Who murdered Soo Lin Yao?
  5. What body part does Sherlock keep in the fridge in 'A scandal in belgravia'?
  6. Complete the sentence: "I know you're an army doctor..."
  7. John's girlfriends name at christmas in 'A scandal in Belgravia' is....
  8. Irene Adler was working for:
  9. What is Jim's nickname for Sherlock:
  10. When Sherlock was younger he wanted to be...
  11. If you are a girl, the correct response to 'The Reichenbach Fall' was:
  12. Who was going to be killed if sherlock didn't jump off st barts?
  13. What is Sherlock's blog called?
  14. What were the three words Sherlock spoke to Kitty Riley?
  15. John's response to the fall:
  16. Who went to lestrade and told them what they though Sherlock had done with the case involving finding to children with just a foot print?
  17. last question, bit of a toughy: What is the name of the OST song that is played in the rooftop scene?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know BBC Sherlock?