What Sherlock Holmes Character Are You?

You may have seen Robert Downey Jr's performance of Sherlock Holmes in the 2009 film SHERLOCK HOLMES. This quiz is based on the characters in that movie. Holmes . . . Watson . . . Lestrade . . . Adler . . . Blackwood . . . Moriarty . . . here are the answers to who you are most like.

So which character are you? Do you have the intelligence to be compared to Holmes, or the work ethic of Lestrade? With this short, easy test, you can now know.

Created by: MarieLouise
  1. You are frequently described by friends as . . .
  2. You are bored, so you . . .
  3. Do you like to travel?
  4. What type of books/movies do you like?
  5. You hear that a child has been murdered. Your reaction is . . .
  6. What is you dream job?
  7. What would you consider to be your greatest attribute?
  8. Your greatest vice?
  9. You are faced with a fight. Your reaction?
  10. Your style of clothing is . . .

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Quiz topic: What Sherlock Holmes Character am I?