The ultimate sherlock quiz

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This quiz will challenge you to remember all you can about Sherlock. Are you as observant as Sherlock Holmes or are you as stupid as the police? Can you do it?

Do you have the brainpower to complete this quiz? Sherlock is a great TV series and hopefully you know that! So, this is my first quiz so please rate it! Thank you and... The game is afoot!

Created by: alice
  1. Who told John about Sherlock?
  2. What is John's brother called?
  3. When did the Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat come up with the idea of Sherlock?
  4. Who plays Sherlock?
  5. Which of the original stories was 'The Sign of Three' based on?
  6. Is Benedict comeberbatch amazing?
  7. How does Sherlock die?
  8. Where does Charles Augustus Magnussem live?
  9. Who plays Mycroft?
  10. What instrument does Sherlock play?
  11. Who does Sherlock propose to?
  12. What does Sherlock find in a cup of tea in 'The Sign of Three'
  13. What is the rabbit mentioned in 'The Hound of the Baskerville' called?
  14. Who does Mycroft work for?
  15. What rating do you give Sherlock?

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