How much do you know about Sherlock Holmes?

In this world, a lot of people adore to read the stories of Sherlock Holmes. If you are one, I recommend this quiz. They are very rare to come across in this country of America.

Do you truly think that you read enough Holmes to take this quiz. Well, I did simple questions on it, but, you will still need to focus. Good luck! Trust me, you are going to need it. Other people did need it, and I already know that you are going to need it just as much as they did.

Created by: Willie T.
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  1. Who is the author of Sherlock Holmes?
  2. What was the first story of Sherlock Holmes?
  3. When Holmes first met Watson, he shook his hand and he knew something about him just from doing that. What was that thing that he figured out about Watson?
  4. How many short stories of Sherlock Holmes was there written by that author?
  5. Were there more than just short stories to this series written by the author?
  6. What year did Holmes become known to the world?
  7. What year did the author write the first story?
  8. Who was the woman that Holmes loved?
  9. What was Watson's first name?
  10. In what three year period did the world think that Holmes was dead, even though he wasn't?
  11. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Sherlock Holmes?