How Well Do You Know Basic Music Theory?

We all listen to music. Music, for many of us, defines who we are, what we represent, and describes our emotions. However, do you know the foundations in which the music you listen to are based?

Do you play an instrument? Do you know your music theory? Let's test you on basic music theory and take a look at the areas you can work on, if there's anything to work on.

Created by: Tariq
  1. What is the first note in the A Major scale?
  2. The Treble Clef can also be referred to as the...
  3. Which music scale contains no sharps or flats?
  4. How many Sharps exist in the C Major scale?
  5. What are the 2 numbers stacked on top of each other in the beginning of a piece called?
  6. What Clef is a classical pianists left hand responsible for?
  7. How many members exist in a string quartet?
  8. How many spaces exist in a musical staff?
  9. How many flats exist in F flat Major?
  10. What does the top number in a time signature represent?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Basic Music Theory?